Master Cube is a 3d action platformer that's easy to learn and difficult to master.
This game is a personal exercise with the aim of learning unreal engine and the publication on steam.


You are Wakanda, a young native american girl,

who have the quest to purge the evil in the

ghost town of Stoneblack.

In order to accomplish your mission,

you have to sneak through the town,

collect souls and banish the evil spirit who corrupts the town.

Depending on whether you kill its citizens or not,

it will change the story


Build your vehicle and complete missions on the Mars surface;
Missions like time trials, explore the Mars environments, face the physics of the red planet and energy research.

I have created the map shown in the video and images.


I have used this project to learn how to use unreal and Blueprints Visual Scripting.

I created a goal, events, destructible or movable objects and made all it as light as possible.

I have used epic games environment packs

My first group project in DBGA.

We had to create a 2D game, inspired by the old 80's Arcade games.

We opted for a Run 'n' gun gameplay

where the score can change the finale of the story.


I used this project to start learning C++.
I created a manoeuvrable tank for the player and others led by A.I. intent to destroy you.

"All in C++ naturally"